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Wireless CO Detector

MD-2001R is very sensitive to detect the carbon monoxide concentrations. When the gas concentration to achieve a certain standard. The detector will sound and light alarm. And transmit the alarm signal to the alarm center at the sa- me time. Its Stability, long lifespan, low consumption, ceiling installation, elegant in design, 360 degree full detection. Easy installation, safe and reliable. Commonly used in household residential, real estate and villas, hotels, apartments some of existence of combustible locations.
◎ English LCD screen,New Nanotechnology sensor; 
◎ Automatic reset, it will disconnect automatically, when obviate alarm; 
◎ Gas detected: CO; 
◎ Automatic fault detection; 
◎ With solenoid valve drive functions, automatic or manual on / off solenoid valve.
Voltage:3V (2pcs AA battery)
Static Current≤10uA
Alarm Current:about 80mA(instant)
CO concentration≥30ppm, alarm after 120 minutes
CO concentration≥50ppm, alarm after 60-90 minutes
CO concentration≥100ppm, alarm after 10-40 minutes.
CO concentration≥300ppm, alarm after 3 minutes.
RF emitting frequency:433MHz
Wireless communication distance≥100m
                                                             ( visible distance)
Alarm voice: alarm interval 10 seconds (300-400ms)
Buzzer Volume: 85dB
Low battery alarm hold time:15-30 days
Sensor type:Electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor
Sensor working temperature range:-20℃-50℃
LCD normal working display temperature range:0℃-50℃.
Pressure range: standard atmosphere ±10%
Humidity range:20%-90%RH
Sensor lifetime:5 years
L button: inquiry the maximum concentration value of
R button: clear alarm


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