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Wireless gas detector

This product selects the most advanced small current imported gas sensor, can detect the leak gas in a timely manner, the use of professional wireless technology to accurately reflect the alarm situation.Elegant streamlined design, convenient installation, can also be used as part of the home decoration.
◎ New Nanotechnology sensor;
◎ Automatic reset, it will disconnect automatically, when obviate alarm;
◎ Gas detected: coal gas 、natural gas 、LPG(liquefied petroleum gas);
◎ Automatic fault detection;
◎ With solenoid valve drive functions, automatic or manual on / off solenoid valve.
Test gas:natural gas
Power supply: DC 9V-16V
Working current:
Monitor: MP-4 ≤75MA
Alarm: MP-4 ≤300MA
Transmission frequency: 433
Speaker volume: ≥80dB/m
Alarm concentration: 8% LEL
Working environment: -10 ℃~40 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤ 90% RH
Stability: long-term work alarm concentration is not greater than ± 5% LEL
Repeatability: Repeat test alarm concentration no more than ± 5% LEL
Alarm concentration error: no more than ± 5% LEL
Alarm mode: sound and light alarm, the output wireless signal, NC / NO output
Power consumption: no more than 5W


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