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Gas Detector with Manipulator

MD-8001R is a product to detect gas(LPG). It works stable with simple installation, able to detect gas leak timely. When the density of leaking gas reaches to alarm value, the manipulator will give “dididi~” alarm sound, and report to the main host. At the same time, it can turn off gas valve, in case of further gas leak. It would be a good choice for those places, such as kitchen, hotel, restaurant and so on.
1. Power on: connect gas detector to the joint, and then connect DV 12V power adaptor to the manipulator.
2. Device: after power on, the manipulator gives “di”sound once, and it will turn on the gas valve automatically. At 
            the same time, the blue and red led on the gas detector flash alternately.It means the gas detector is preheating.  
            Once The blue light is always bright, indicating to work normally.
3. Alarm: when the density of leaking gas reaches to alarm value,the red led will flash, the manipulator receives 
            the alarm pulse, giving long”didi~”sound. At the same time, it will report to alarm host and turn off the gas valve. 
             (The user can press down the clutch button, turning on the gas valve manually; or restart the manipulator to turn 
            on the gas valve).
4. It can test the gas detector itself. When gas detector is in fault or out of power, the manipulator will report the 
            status to alarm host.
5. Manipulator can send heart-beating signal to alarm host in case of device failure.
Working voltage: DC12V(external power adaptor)
Working current: Static ≤100mA                                                         Alarm Current ≤400mA
RF frequency: 433.92MHz ±200KHz                                                GAS type:natural gas, LPG
Alarm density value: 8%LEL                                                                 Alarm density tolerances: ±3% LEL
Long-term stability tolerances: <5% LEL                                           Alarm sound: 85DB
Rotational force: >5KG


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