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Wired Smoke Detector

This smoke detector is with test button, can accurately detect smoke. when the smoke concenteration exceeds the limit level, the red led will light on for 10 secs and send alarm signal to alarm panel.
it adopts thermistor sensor and photoelectric infrared LED indication, tamper switch button, built-in buzzer, exact detect smog density when it over the standard level (UI 217 / 3.2%/feet), it can make the alarm by itself via built-in buzzer, and also send out the wireless alarm signal to alarm control panel at the same time, low battery indication that make once sound in each 2 hours via built-in buzzer, easy to install on ceiling or wall using the screws with countersink heads which had packed in the package.
Model: MD-2105
Working voltage: 12V non-polar power supply
Working environment: temperature -5 ℃ ~50 ℃;   humidity 10% -90%
Alarm output indication: The red LED is always on
NO output mode: monitor current <2mA,   alarm current <30mA
NC output mode: monitor current <30mA,   alarm current <10mA
Size: (φ * H) 108 * 40mm


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