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Wireless intelligent direction recognition curtain style det

MD-449R DMT is a style of intelligent direct-recognize curtain PIR intrusion detector, it adopts energy-pile up logical process, random dynamic time split technology. MD-449R DMT series adopt precision column lens to upgrade receiving effect, with high sensitivity but without false alarm. It can recognize direction, and install mode optional. With anti-tamper function, you have no worry about someone to dismantle. Fit for indoor installation, and work with common battery, unique energy-svaing mode enable the work life of battery longer than one year.
◎ Adopts imported quad PIR and curtain style FRESNEL lens;

◎ Optional intrusion direction;

◎ Detection distance:6m@25℃

◎ Detection angle:20°
Model:MD-449R DMT
Detect angle:200
Detect distance:6m/25℃
Transmit distance: 150m(open air)
Current consumption:standy <25μA,
when transmitting 10mA
Alarm output:wireless signal transmitting
Anti-tamper output:wireless signal transmitting
Transmitting frequency:433MHz
LED indication:Red LED on stands making alarm
blue LED on and red led off stands get signal but
wrong direction.
wall mount height:1.6-2.4m
Ceil mount height: 2.5-4m
Woking temperature:-10℃-50℃(14℉-122℉)
Storage temperature:-20℃-60℃(-4℉-140℉)
Anti white light:more than 8000 LUX  
Anti EMI:more than 30V/m  30MHz-1GHz


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