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Wireless digital PIR detector

MC-8250R DMTis PIR intrusion detector with pet immunity function. It adopts DMT and it is a digit micro processing control intrusion detector. With fine cylindrical FRESNEL lens, it effectively improves energy saving efficiency and high sensitivity and free of false alarm. By using advanced patented software,it can tell difference between the real intruder and other interference factor witch may result in false alarm. It has super strong detection sensitivity and lower false alarm. Pulse counting can be adjustable. It is widely used in various indoor applications and free from
◎ Reliable detection performance with quad PIR technology;
◎ Excellent false alarm prevention with look-down window to avoid blind-corner;
◎ Detection distance:9m@25℃
◎ Detection angle:110° 
Model:MC-8250R DMT    
Detection range:9m(25℃) 
Emitting distance:120-150m(in the open area)
Input voltage:3VDC(model CR123A  lithium battery)
quiescent current:≤30μA
emitting current:≤15mA   
infrared area(as shown )
Optical lens data
detection  angle:1100
emitting frequency:433MHz/868MHz 
Alarm indication:LED flashes 2 seconds.

Surface or corner, at the height of 1.8 to 2.4m(6-8feet)
Note: Base allows single-sided corner mount at 450 to wall
operation condition:
Operating Temperature: -100C to- 500C(140F to 1220F )
Storage Temperature :-200C to -600C (-40F to 400F)
Anti white light interference: 9000 LUX  (indoor)


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