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Wireless digital PIR detector

The MC-355R(DMT) is a PIR technology intruder detector designed to detect human body movement in a protected area. Digital processing ensures a high immunity to false alarms and outstanding stability. The MC-355R(DMT) uses a sophisticated radio communication protocol with a high level of data safety. The detector makes regular auto testing and reports its conditions regularly to the system for full supervision. Built-in tamper switch trigger an alarm if there is any attempt to tamper with the detector. An automatic testing mode makes testing an ease.
◎ Anti-white light with spherical lens and sealed optical design;
◎ Low power consumption, built-in big capacity batteries;
◎ Detection distance:12m@25℃
◎ Detection angle:110°
Model: MC-355R(DMT) 

Detection range: 9m(25℃)
Transmit range: 120m-150m (openarea)
Power supply: 3 VDC lithium battery
Current consumption:
Battery life: about 1 year
Infrared part e.g right picture
Max coverage area: 9m*12m(23*46 inches)/90° 
Transmit frequency: 433MHz/868MHz
Alarm  indication: LED lights for several seconds


Installation height from 2.0 to 2.5m

Allow an 45°angle between wall
bracket optional 

Work environment:-10℃ to +50℃ (14℉ - 122℉)

Storage environment:-20°C to +60℃ (-4℉ - 140℉)

White light protection( inner): >9000LUX
Dimension: 95*64*49mm


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