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Wireless Door/Window Sensor

The MD-207R/208R is a wireless magnetic switch detector. It is one of the important article of our developed control panel ST series; It detects when window/door is opened or closed. With novelty design, it matches the furniture very well, and can merge with the installation environment very well. It is extremely sensitive within a range of 50m from the control panel. There is code study setting required magnetic switch detector and the control panel, Only after code is set panel can recognise the magnetic detector. When distance between magnet and sensor is more than 1.5
◎ LED status indicator.
◎ Auto status report.
◎ Timing report when doors/windows are not closed.
◎ Patent Mutil code, with tamper alarm.
Model: MD-207R / MD-208R      
Wireless transmitter distance :150m(open space)
Transmitter frequency: 433MHz 
Working voltage: MD-207R  3V   two 7# batteries(AAA)MD-208R  4.5V  three 7# batteries  
Battery life:1 year
Power consumption :statics current ≤5μA  ,transmission current ≤15mA  
Alarm output: alarm situation report, tamper report
Self-cleck report : a report of  present status will be 
sent to control panel each 25 minutes
Working environment: -10℃~50℃ (14℉--122℉)
Dimension: 8*3.2*2.4cm
Color : white 


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