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Wireless Door/Window Sensor

The MD-210R is a fully supervised mini style magnetic contact transmitter. It features door/ window close/openinstant alarm function. It can be connected to the control panel. It can transmit strong wireless signal, having strong intensity in 150m area. Pleas code it to the control panel before using, enrolling the only one address code to the control panel. When the distance between the magnetic stripe and transmitter beyond 2.5cm the transmitter will send alarm information to the panel. This detector can change wired signal to wireless signal, Working as a transmitter.
A.  Adopted low consumption CPU
B.  Adopted unique Mutil codes
C.  Auto status  report
D.  Anti-lost  report
E.  Open door/window indication
①Wireless sending distance(open area):inset antenna 150m.
②Code: 28-digi t ID, 8-digit function code, 36 digits data code in total
③Working frequency: 433MHz/868MHz(optional)
④Working voltage:3V lithium battery
⑤Battery life: about 1 year
⑥Current: static ≤5uA, alarm:7-12mA (433MHz),static ≤5uA, alarm:35-45mA (868MHz) 
⑦ Alarm output: alarm, tamper
⑧Status report:after fist electro motion or reset the 
  detector the magnetic switch report the working status
  to the control panel separately after 30 seconds, 2 
  minutes,6minutes. And report  working status every 
  two hours to the control panel.
⑨Working Temeprature:-10℃~50℃
⑩Dimesion:81(L)*32(W)*25(H)mm, Magnetic stripe:74.5 (L)*13.5(W)*18.8(H)mm
11.Color: White


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