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Wireless Door/Window Sensor

MD-212R is a Mini wireless rolling shutter magnetic switch detector. It is our latest product which can work together with wireless control panel series. With novelty and streamline design, it fits well the surroundings and can be decorative at residence. It features strong emitting signal and high sensitivity within 120m away from control panel. Before use it , should code to control panel. Please input the only address code to control panel. This detector is the separating trigger model. When the distance between the emitter and magnet is about 4cm, the emitter will send out th
A. Special low power consumption CPU;

B.Patented Mutil code.

C. Auto report the operating status;

D.Lost  alarm;

E.Periodic report when  rolling shutter is not well closed.
Wireless emitting distance: outlay antenna 150m
Code:28 bit ID,8bit function code, 36 bit digital code. 
Emitting frequency:433MHz/868MHz (Optional)
Operating voltage:3V  (1pc Cr123 Lithium battery, battery life  is 1 year)
Current: static ≤8uA, alarm:7-15mA (433MHz), static ≤8uA, alarm:7-15mA (868MHz)
Alarm output: wireless signal 
Tamper report Self-check report:After the initial power-
on or reset operation of the transmitter, the door magnet 
sends a working status report to the host every 50 minutes.
Environment: -10℃~50℃(14℉-122℉)       
Appearance specifications: Transmitter 81 (L) * 32 (W) * 25 (H) mm
                        Sensor 150 (L) * 39 (W) * 11 (H) mm
                        Magnetic strip 150 (L) * 16 (W) * 16 (H) mm
Color: white


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