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Wireless emergency button

PB-201R is a style of "mini" single button emergency button. It can remote our wireless products which use the same frequency. With unique and smart appearance, it also can be take as a decoration. It is easy to operate, with high sensitivity in 30meters area. Code it with other wireless products first, then be able to control the wireless device. This emergency button will help you to send alarm under emergency situation so that protect your life and your property.
A. Single function button。
B. Easy to operate and Security by Obscurity.
C. Beauty appearance and de-skilled  button.
D. Scientific address code,up to 100  million after permutation and  combination. This  make every emergency  button has unique  address code, Similar  products Without the permission  of the user can't control the user's wireless products.,   
E. Low consumption, show signal output status.
F. Compatible with all our wireless device which use the same frequency.
Effective area:100m
Transmitting frequency:433MHz
Code:28-digit ID,8-digit function  code, total 36 digits data code.       
Voltage:11.5-12.5V,use single one  7A alkaline  battery,working life about half year.
Indication :LED light
Working temperature:-10℃-50℃(14℉-122℉)
Weight: 30g
Colour: white


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