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Intelligent Touch Wall Switch

3 Gang Intelligent Touch Wall Switch with Remote Controller
Material characteristics: 

1. Waterproof moisture-proof toughened glass; 

2. The fire retardant ABS shell, high hardness, flame retardant

Function characteristics: 

1. Imported IC, professional touch responsive;

2. The red and blue backlight, visible at night; 

3. The infrared remote control, remote control distance 6 m; 

4. Suitable for most of the lamps and lanterns, inductive fluorescent lamp is not suitable for single wire switch; 

5. Relay life of more than 100000 times; 

6. Standby power consumption is less than 0.3 w

Installation requirements: 

1. It is strictly prohibited to charged installation, the installation is complete rear can use. 

2. According to the selected model,  intal diagram wiring;

3. Every road load switch receive no more than 1000 w, total load is less than 2000 w. 

4. The junction box is 86 standard, the size of at least 75 mm * 75 mm * 35 mm


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